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Michael Lewis
Jean Brocklebank

The Enviromeddlin' Duo
Speed Bumps in the Path of Progress


Our Literary World

Michael's Writing

Book Cover
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The Desert Prophet

Our Photo World

Sweethearts of the Desert
The Sweethearts are wed!!
Life is a Bowl of Cherries
Coda 1-29-87 to 9-19-00
Shepherd 7-2-85 to 4-24-03

Our Travel World

Our UK Trip

Michael and Jean Discover the New World!

A Hike Up Lundy Canyon

Our Environmental World

Friends of Arana Gulch

Leash Law Advocates of Santa Cruz County

Freedom From Fireworks

Friends of Corcoran Lagoon Beach

Friends of San Lorenzo River Wildlife

Just Drain it!

Forest Activism

Our Social World

Westchester High School
Jean's Orions 50th Reunion

Chadron High School
Michael's 50th Reunion

Michael's Family Tree

Our Favorite Lynx

There is no way to peace:
Peace is the way.

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