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"It is an author's most solemn obligation to honor truth. 

If the free and independent writer does not speak truth to power, who will?" -- Ed Abbey

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I've been an environmental and social activist for over thirty years, instrumental in the early days of Earth First!, an aspiring curmudgeon and student of Life, as we know it. In 1989 I picked up the gauntlet cast at my feet, as Ed Abbey transformed to a soaring turkey buzzard, looking down on mankind's feeble efforts from a serene and considerable height.

Now I'm embarking on the next step, publishing my earlier works and offering my writing for whatever meager recompense my impoverished readers can afford. Join me for an always irreverent, sometimes poignantly humorous look at the adventures of Homo sap, Mankind About Universe.

Bear with me for a bit, while I reinhabit this page and bring it up to date. Who knows what wonders will soon appear on these scintillating electrons?

Thoughts and Rambling



We Live in the Natural World

Herein I present some of my humble scribblings, some recent, some over the past many years, reflecting my life as an environmeddler, a student of the present condition, a rambling skeptic, a curmudgeon in training. It's not a popular avocation these days, what with Homeland Security lurking behind every door. Never did put a great store in popularity anyway.

But then, what difference does it make. If They've got a file on you, They've got a file on you (and They do). Whatever remarks I make here are of little consequence compared to the rest of my life. These here words are just glowing phosphors on the screen. So far, I 'm not advocating the overthrow of the United States government by force and violence, regardless of the merit of the proposition, sad to say. I'm just making grand lit'ry observations and waxing most eloquent about Things Political. No harm there.

What's more important than paranoia is a proper degree of cynicism. Witty repartee about my favorite anarchist, with side observations concerning the suitability of the anarchist avocation, are healthy and most proper pursuits for the active citizenry of any free and democratic society. Despite this participation in the democratic process, I suspect that agents of our government, public servants, as it were, might not appreciate the flow of dialogue on these pages and might take action to cause me to cease and desist.

So I will soldier on, bare my anarchist soul amidst the frantic electrons of this anarchistic babble-box. Best to get the word out now, make the connections, exchange the passwords, before the inevitable jackboot descends on this fomenting rebellion. For after the crack-down I will take to the hills where I've prepared the way with caches of Deaf Smith County peanut butter, bottled Perrier, boxes of Winchester High Grade, a case of Dupont's finest, a bottle or two, or maybe three, of Wild Turkey or Jack Daniels, and a certain novel or two. After that, it's back to smoke signals and drumbeats in the night.

"Long live the weeds and the wilderness!" -- Ed Abbey, 1927-1989

If what you've read here strikes a cord somewhere, deep in your heart, or in some other organ, go to We Live in the Natural World and sign up!


Michael A. Lewis
malewis AT calcentral DOT com

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